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Percha Pa' Mi Gente 

Percha Pa' Mi Gente, is a project that promotes the donation of clothing, shoes and accessories in good condition at no cost. It is important that the items to be donated are in good condition. We also work with in-kind-donations  for anyone who donates items of value,  Professional time or tools and equipment.


Open Hanger Trade for My People.  Every last Saturday of the month.  This is a community activity with a wellness focus.  

  • Saturday November 26, 2022

  • Saturday January 28, 2023


Voluntary tasks to perform 

In each Open Perch, volunteers are recruited for the different tasks. 

  • Mount and Download 

  •  Download donation box 

  • Monitor work areas 

  • Folding clothes 

  • Distribute food 

  • cook 

If you want to be part of the group of volunteers, access the button.

Items to Donate 

  •  Clothing - Shirts, Blouses, Coats, Sweatshirts, Polos, Pants, Tights and ONLY NEW underwear, among other clothes that are in good condition.We do not accept stained, torn, torn or worn clothing.

  • Shoes - Sandals, slippers, slippers, boots, among others. We do not accept shoes that are stained, torn, worn, peeling or dirty.

  • Garments and/or items of great value are accepted as in-kind-donations.

  • Accessories - belts, ties, suspenders, caps, hats, bags.

  • Household items that we accept are: bedding, sheets, curtains, rugs, kitchen items. We do not accept stained, torn, torn or worn items.We cannot accept home decor items.​

 Note:  Donations are directed to everyone who needs it, but they can be directed directly to a specific group or person. We are always aware of cases with specific needs.  

 Days of Donations 

Days: Tuesday and Thursday 
Hours: 10:00am to 1:00pm.  
Place: Centro de Operaciones de Techos Pa' Mi Gente 
When you arrive at our center please call to be attended at 939-775-8234.

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