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Techos Pa' Mi Gente  

Our organization, Toldos Pa' Mi Gente, began as a response to the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria through Puerto Rico in 2017. At that time, Amarilis González, director of the organization, received too many blue awnings and began to call for volunteers to help in the installation of blue awnings that came from different parts of the United States through their social networks. Together with known and unknown volunteers,  they decided to look for houses that had lost their roofs during the hurricane.


However, during this process they realized that the awnings were no longer strong enough to provide a lasting solution. In addition, they found the lack of support from the government of Puerto Rico in the recovery of these ceilings. It was then, in 2018, when we made the decision to seek monetary donations to purchase the necessary materials and start building adequate and resilient roofs.


This is how the organization Techos Pa' Mi Gente was born, with the objective of building resistant wooden roofs using the knowledge of architects and following the construction instructions of the College of Engineers of Mayagüez. Over time, we have worked tirelessly to repair decent roofs in Puerto Rico. Our commitment to the community and to the people of Puerto Rico has driven us to continue to this day. We will continue to build strong and safe roofs, provide hope and improve the quality of life for people affected by natural disasters.



Solidarity is our axis. The needs of our community are also ours.

volunteer care

Volunteers are our main tools. Good care from our volunteers means efficient and effective work on behalf of our beneficiaries.


We foster a culture of empathy where we empathize with those who are going through difficult times.


We are an inclusive entity without discrimination based on age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. TPMG promotes diversity and equality.



Honesty in our duties is fundamental. We value integrity and are committed to performing our tasks honestly and transparently.

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