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P. del S. 1396


It would allow bonafide non-profit and community-based organizations in PR to acquire buildings that the government currently has in disuse. Through this project, the following will be public policy:

  • DONATION: Allows the government to donate currently unused properties to non-profit and community-based organizations.

  • PURCHASE AT ADJUSTED PRICE: Allows non-profit and community-based organizations to purchase currently unused properties at a reasonable price.

  • GIVES VOICE & REPRESENTATION: Includes a representative of the non-profit and community-based organizations on the committee that evaluates and approves donations or purchases and sales at an adjusted price

Apoyamos el PdelS 1396.png

Now that the hurricane season begins, P. del S. 1396 has more relevance. It gives tools to nonprofit organizations that have proven to be more effective than the government in responding to emergencies and providing services to victims. We invite you to sign your public endorsement at:

Muchas Organizaciones Apoyamos el PDelS 1396.png
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