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By donating, you will be helping to build a safe roof for families who still lack one. The lack of a dignified roof impacts people's physical, mental, and emotional health. For a family, a roof means security—the security that their belongings won't get wet during rain, that they can sleep in a dry bed, and that their family won't get soaked on a rainy night.

Your support will be used efficiently and effectively to make a difference. Techos Pa' Mi Gente's commitment is that 90% of the funds raised will go directly to services, and only 10% will be used for operational expenses.

Your donation will make a difference!

With every donation we receive it is one more step towards hope. With your support, we are building more than roofs; We are building dreams and changing lives.

Other ways to donate

Direct deposit

You can make your donation directly to the Techos Pa' Mi Gente account.

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