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What is TPMG?

Our Mission

Techos Pa' Mi Gente (TPMG Corp.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to constructing decent roofs and housing rehabilitation in communities affected by natural disasters. It contributes to improving the quality of life of the individuals who make up these communities. It promotes self-management and provides training in basic construction skills to build resilience.

Our Vision

Techos Pa' Mi Gente (TPMG Corp.), as a third sector organization, aspires to exercise leadership in constructing decent roofs, housing rehabilitation, and self-management promoters, characterized by excellence in services and fiscal self-sufficiency.  It intends to be one of the main providers of resources for the training and education of human capital committed to long-term recovery from natural disasters.

Real Change.

In 2018, after several months of installing awnings almost daily, our volunteers concluded that too much carpentry work had to be done to install an awning properly as the damage was extensive. Therefore, the decision was made to begin repairing roofs permanently. Our commitment is to provide affected families with safe and durable roofs. For this, we are following the: Construction Guide for Hurricane Resistant Homes, created by CIAPR and FEMA after Hurricane Hugo, with updates in terms of new technologies and materials.

This rehabilitating of homes impacted by natural disasters goes far beyond repairing walls, roofs, floors, and material elements. It also repairs smiles, supports the respiratory, physical, and emotional health of families who have been suffering for years from the vicissitudes of living under a canopy. All the support received by our organization is directed to continue this gesture in solidarity with Puerto Rican families and the resilience of their communities.

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Repairs are becoming more expensive every day because houses have been exposed to the weather for so long that they require more complex recovery tasks, as well as more expensive building materials. Repairs to houses now include interior and exterior walls, floors, and other areas damaged after being covered by tarpaulin for 4 years. There are still more than 20,000 families living without shelter, and TPMG has a list of more than 900 families who have applied for the organization's assistance.

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Techos Pa’ Mi Gente has organized a 5K event for 2021 with the idea of raising funds that allow us to continue helping the thousands of survivors of Hurricane Maria who still live without a dignified roof. This is why we would love to summon many runners, not only from the island but also from the diaspora.


With the race, we aim to raise the amount needed to repair at least a full home. This implies that we must raise at least $10,000 since repairs now include walls, floors, and other damaged areas. Being able to complete a full home repair means we can serve at least one of the 900 families who have requested TPMG help, and that is a great deal. Each inscription is an important impulse towards this goal. We genuinely believe we count with a crowd of solidary people who can help our mission through this event. So, we humbly invite you to get your sneakers ready and run for Puerto Rico!

Conceptually, a Virtual 5K works in the following way...

Once people sign up to participate in the event, we send them a package.

The following is the content of the packet that participants will receive before the 5K

TPMG Information | Race Instructions | Medal | Bib number | T-Shirt

Participants can complete it by running, walking, or cycling on their own or with friends and/or family at the place of their choice. And while they do the race, they can make social media lives, stories, or upload photos in which if they tag us, we can share them on our networks and generate a charming story. Also, upon completing the race, we invite them to take a picture with the medal, tag us using the hashtag #5kMasTechosMenosToldos

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Bib-Number .

Everyone will run with the same number in their chest, 20,000, which corresponds to the number of homes that still lack a dignified roof after Hurricane Maria. 

Information Needed On The Participants Inscription .



Postal Address

T-shirt size

2nd 5K Virtual
October 16, 2021
Your preferred location!
Walk or run for Puerto Rico!